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 Having trouble with rims cracking on your combine duals? We are proud to offer our services to save you time and prevent replacement costs of buying new rims again. On your cracked 38" rim for example, we can remove the factory 5/8" thick center, and replace it with a heavy 1" thick machined center. With our machined step in the new centers, the forceces and pressures are distributed over a larg area and the welds are staggered to distribute the heat during the welding process. This prevents future failures of the rim, and provides the added strength necessary for todays grain extensions and larger heads.

  If you own a combine with rims that are prone to cracking, or have already purchased new rims, we can also provide 1" thick grip plates to replace the factory individual bushings that get bolted on the outside rims. These grip plates provide 300% more surface area to distribute the clamping pressure generated by the lug bolts. By distributing the pressure, it eliminates the localized pressure right at the bolt holes that may lead to future rim failure.

  Our experienced staff can estimate the cost of your repairs, and quickly provide you with our services to get you back on the road or into the field. Our on-site design, and manufacturing equipment saves turn around time to better serve you.

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